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Column Morris, Paradise Circus - geograph.org.uk - 556615.jpg
An advertising column, a cylindrical outdoor structure which shows advertisements Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Advertising
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Status: de factoPage for proposal

Advertising column, initially the Morris column are cylindrical outdoor structures with a characteristic style that are used for advertising and other purposes. Mostly found in urban environment. Generally lit by transmission, sometimes revolving.

How to map

Create a node node at the location of the column. Add advertising=column.

Tags used in combination

  • Technical details
    • height=* : the total height of the column.
    • width=* : the width of the column.
    • lit=* : is the column lit? (Light is shining on it from an external source.) Generally it is not.
    • luminous=* : is the column luminous? (Light is being emited from the advertisement). If so, use luminous=yes.
    • animated=* : is the column animated ? Most often it is not, sometimes animated=rotating is appropriate.
  • Management
    • operator=* : the company operating the column.
    • ref=* : the column reference.

See also

  • advertising=* - Description for all kind of advertisements.