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A facility used for non-competitive animal training Edit or translate this description.
Group: Animals
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A facility used for non-competitive [W] animal training.

How to map

Set a node node at the center of the feature or draw an area area along its outline. Apply the following tags:

Tag Description
amenity=animal_training Mandatory, main tag to identify a place as an animal training facility.
animal_training=<animal>[;<animal>...] Optional, lists the kinds of animals trained in the facility. For more info on how to set <animal>, see section Accepted animals.
name=* Optional, specifies the name of the facility.
network=* Optional, identifies an organization or brand that operates a similar amenity in various locations.
operator=* Optional, specifies the company, corporation, person or any other entity who is in charge the facility.

These tags should be used to tag the whole facility area. If within this area you can distinguish buildings, lawns, courtyards, fences, you can map them separately and tag them properly with building=*, landuse=* and so on.

Accepted animals

For more info on how to set <animal>, see examples below or amenity=animal_boarding or commonly used values (Taginfo).

Animal training as secondary activity

A structure of any type with its own main purpose (e.g. a veterinary, an animal shelter, an equestrian facility, a hotel, or anything else) that can provide training as secondary services. In this case the facility should be tagged according to its main purpose (e.g. amenity=veterinary, amenity=animal_shelter, leisure=horse_riding, tourism=hotel) and then add a secondary tag that is:

Tag Description
animal_training=yes/no/<animal>[;<animal>...] Training service is offered for listed animals; use yes only if you don't know which animals are accepted.
For more info on how to set <animal>, see section Accepted animals.


Tagging Description Photo
A training facility for dogs MTAPD Canine Training Facility (26942355044).jpg


An stud farm that has also training facilities for horses Swiss national stud farm Avenches-IMG 8514.jpg

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