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Public-images-osm logo.svg leisure = dog_park
A designated area, with or without a fenced boundary, where dog-owners are permitted to exercise their pets unrestrained. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: Animals
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The tag leisure=dog_park is used to map a designated area, usually but not always with a fenced boundary, where the primary usage of the area is for dog-owners to exercise their pets unrestrained. This tag is not to be used for parks or other features where dogs are simply allowed - the dog=* tag should be used instead.

A [W] dog park is a park for dogs to exercise and (often) play off-leash in a controlled environment under the supervision of their owners. In many regions, dogs are to be kept on a leash in public parks. This tag is to mark designated areas for the exercise of dogs, where those dogs can normally be off-leash. These areas are often adjacent to a park, or a specially marked part of a park, and are often fenced so that dogs cannot escape. In general, there is water for the dogs and little plastic sacks to clean up after the dog. Sometimes there is an obstacle track for the dogs.

How to map

Draw an area area along the outline of the dog park. If you are in a hurry or not able to map the area, add a node node at the centre of the area. Tag the node or area with leisure=dog_park.

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Dog parks often signpost restrictions on dogs or their owners:


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