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A subkey to waste_disposal or waste_basket. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Amenities
Used on these elements
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This key is useful to specify the kind of waste or specific system for waste disposal. Usually it will be a subkey for amenity=waste_disposal or amenity=waste_basket.

Currently these values are defined:

  • waste=trash - (for trash/rubbish).
  • waste=oil - (for motoroil, diesel and emulsions).
  • waste=drugs - to subtag a special container for the collection of pharmaceuticals / medicine / drugs.
  • waste=organic - compost or food waste.
  • waste=plastic
  • waste=rubble
  • waste=dog_excrement - disposal of dog excrement (for example near a Dog poo bag dispenser)
  • waste=cigarettes - for cigarettes only
  • waste=caps - for bottle caps for charity