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The location that is almost exclusively used, and normally owned or operated, by a club Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: clubs
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A clubhouse is a building that is almost exclusively used, and normally owned or operated, by a club. The clubhouse may be used for club activities (e.g. hosting games, club meetings, training), storage (e.g. of equipment, materials, trophies), and/or social events. Access to the clubhouse is usually restricted to members of the club and their guests. Private, non-club-related events may be hosted through hiring of the clubhouse, though this is not the primary function of the clubhouse and is at the discretion of the club or its management.

A clubhouse may range in size from a large, multi-room building to a small portable building (note: although the term portable is used to describe this building, it is a permanent feature). Some clubhouses may include facilities such as changing rooms, a bar, or multiple function rooms. Others may simply be a single room.

Distinction from a community centre

Some people argue that a community centre is a term with a very specific meaning: a public amenity where members of the wider community can meet to undertake a range of activities. This is often done through booking all, or part of, the amenity for periods of time. This is the primary function of a community centre.

This means that multiple groups from within the wider geographic community may use the amenity. Examples include religious or political groups, activity classes (e.g. yoga/zumba), and clubs. However, just because a club meets there, or is even based there, it does not explicitly mean that a community centre is a clubhouse, or vice versa.

Since many groups of individuals will meet at a community centre, it means that it is almost certainly not owned or operated by the groups using that amenity. Often community centres are owned, or operated by, local governments, religious organisations, or national charities. Unlike a clubhouse, access to a community centre is not based on the membership of a specific club.

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