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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = festival_grounds
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A place dedicated for festivals - like song and dance festivals Edit or translate this description.
Group: Amenities
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A permanent open field facility which is mostly used for public events and festivals. Larger areas are called often song festival grounds and have usually special permanent buildings as stage and other uses. Sometimes it can also be used for private or commercial events, for example as concert place.

Uses around the world

It seems to be more common in the Song and Dance Festival tradition in the Baltics, originated from Germany in 19th century, unknown whether such places exist elsewhere.

In Estonia perhaps every town has smaller Song Festival Grounds (lauluväljak) fitting more or less all citizens (1000-5000 persons), and there is about one larger local singing festival per summer there. In other times it may be used for other public festivals, concerts, fairs, conferences etc. Bigger towns (Tallinn, Tartu) have larger permanent facilities which serve also as tourist landmarks and source of the national pride. In smaller towns and villages these could be small areas with small wooden stage and a few benches in a nice park. See Tallinn Song Festival Grounds in Wikipedia for the largest example.

You are expected to find similar facilities from Latvia (lielā estrāde) and Lithuania also.

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amenity=music_venue leisure=festival_grounds leisure=music_venue
amenity=concert amenity=music leisure=music