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A building constructed as monastery Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Buildings
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A building constructed as monastery.

Note that it will not always house a monastery and active monastery may be housed not in buildings constructed for this purpose.

So amenity=monastery (site of an active monastery) may not include any building=monastery and building=monastery may be outside amenity=monastery.

See also

  • amenity=monastery - site of an active monastery (or canonry, convent, comandry or hermitage) - both ones for male monks and female nuns
  • building=convent - there is no real difference of any kind in building construction, and note that amenity=monastery tag is not making distinction between convent and monastery. But community of nuns (female) is often referred to as convent and living in a convent, in contrast to male community of monks. Note that amenity=monastery is not making this distinction.
  • building=apartments - there is often tiny or no difference in construction and in purpose
  • heritage=*, heritage:operator=* - many monasteries are old buildings officially recognized as a protected constructions