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Byway Open To All Traffic (BOTAT) - geograph.org.uk - 378513.jpg
A legal classification of a highway on which the public have a right to travel on foot, horseback, and in a vehicle (including mechanically propelled)
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The tag designation=byway_open_to_all_traffic is used to describe the legal classification of a highway (e.g. highway=track).

Current usage

Main article: Access provisions in the United Kingdom

This tag is almost exclusively used in England and Wales to describe a type of public right of way, known as a byway open to all traffic (BOAT). A BOAT is a way along which unobstructed public access, via foot, horseback, and vehicle (including a mechanically propelled vehicle such as a motorcar) is legally enshrined by the UK's Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. A local authority may, however, prevent access to mechanically propelled vehicles on a BOAT through a Traffic Regulation Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 entirely or under certain conditions. Additionally, although mechanically propelled vehicles may be permitted on a BOAT, the surface may not be suitable for normal vehicles. The route of the BOAT will be contained within a local authority's definite map and statement. Such ways may cross public or private land.

In the United Kingdom, this tag is to be used only for way legally designated as a byway open to all traffic, and should usually be accompanied by the following tags:

The highway=* tag normally used is highway=track but other highway tags may be more suitable. See Further guidance on tagging Public Rights of Way in the United Kingdom for more information on this.

Note that a BOAT may be signposted as "Public Byway" or just "Byway", which has lead to the synonymous tag of designation=byway.

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