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Public-images-osm logo.svg designation = public_bridleway
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A legal classification of a highway on which the public have a right to travel on foot, horseback, and by bicycle. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: highways
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The tag designation=public_bridleway is used to describe the legal classification of a highway (e.g. highway=bridleway).

Current usage

Main article: Access provisions in the United Kingdom

This tag is almost exclusively used in England and Wales to describe a type of public right of way, known as a public bridleway. A public bridleway is way along which unobstructed public access, via horseback and foot, is legally enshrined by the UK's Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. Access on bicycles is also permitted where not forbidden by "orders made by a local authority", or by "any bye-laws". The route of the public bridleway will be contained within a local authority's definitive map and statement. Such ways may cross public or private land, and may be paved or completely invisible on the ground.

In the United Kingdom, this tag is to be used only for way legally designated as a public bridleway, and should usually be accompanied by the following tags:

Note, the highway=* tag does not necessarily need to be highway=bridleway as public bridleways may share a route with a higher classification of highway. For example, it is very common for public bridleways in the countryside to also be farm tracks and so the more appropriate tag is highway=track. See Further guidance on tagging Public Rights of Way in the United Kingdom for more information on this.

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