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Charcoal pile 06.jpg
Historic site of a charcoal pile. Often still in good condition in hilly forest areas. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: historic
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The tag historic=charcoal_pile is used for still visible historic sites of  charcoal piles.

Tag with a Node or draw the contour Area.

How to survey

In northern Europe they are often still in good condition in hilly forest areas.

This is a list of indicators, but may vary from region to region:

  • The site is a leveled circle or oval, usually 5 to 15 metres in diameter.
  • Digging in the ground will reveal black mould, and tiny pieces of charcoal.
  • The site is completely free of stone.
  • Remains of a hut can often be seen near the perimeter of the site.
  • Charcoal pile sites are usually found in areas around iron works.
  • The site is near a water source, typically a stream.
  • The site is placed so that gases will naturally ventilate away.
Charcoal pile


Use high resolution Digital Elevation Model images for tracing (e.g. LiDAR images):

  • Germany, North Rhine-Westfalia: NRW-Atlas - DGM Schummerung