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Public-images-osm logo.svg inlet = kerb_opening
Curb inlet and catch basin.jpg
A wide opening made in pavement kerbs on a roadside to catch stormwater
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 An opening, cut into a pavement kerb, to catch storm water and send it to a drain.

It may be useful to use this value on intersection nodes between the drain and barrier=kerb.


It may be useful to document the dimensions of the opening with width=*, and the material surrounding the opening with material=*.

Possible Tagging Mistakes

Although a storm drain manhole cover (man_made=manhole + manhole=drain) also collects storm water into a duct, inlet=kerb_opening should not be used in combination with manhole=drain, as a kerb opening does not have a physical covering over the opening. If you see any uses of these tags in combination, please identify the actual inlet type, then correct the mistake.

Attached manhole covers

In contrast to this some kerb opening do have an attached manhole cover (that does not drain in water itself, as the water drains in through the opening). These can be tagged with man_made=manhole, but not manhole=drain as it is not the drain that is acting as the inlet, instead the kerb opening is.


Photo Location Tagging Comments
Storm drain inlet USA



Kerb opening, acting as a storm drain gutter, visible on road & pavement kerbs. The manhole cover atop the concrete opening can be mapped as a seperate object.
Garton and King Ltd Exeter Kerb Drain Cover.jpg UK inlet=kerb_opening



Surrounding cover is made of metal and has a connected cover, so man_made=manhole can be added.
Upper Carrollton New Orleans 11th April 2019 13.jpg New Orleans, USA

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