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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: chrabros
Tagging: landuse=hop_garden
Applies to: area
Definition: A piece of farm land where hops are grown.

Rendered as: A green-brown area with repeating symbol $
Draft started: 2014-03-05
RFC start: 2014-03-05


Tag to map a hop garden (or hop yard, hop field), a piece of farm land where  hops are grown.


There are many hop gardens in some parts of the world, see the table of world production on Wikipedia.

We are preparing an import of areas based on Czech cadastre data RUIAN here in the Czech Republic. The hop gardens are ones of the land uses distinguished in this cadastre so we could import them. You can see the different land uses at Cs:RUIAN#Parcely - it is in Czech language but the land uses and types are quite obvious. But the tag's definition of hop field was missing until now and I would like to have it established before importing anything.

Last but not least the hop fields are quite a good landmarks for navigation. They are large with high poles and they do not change the hop field to anything else very often.

The hop gardens could be tagged as well as:

  • landuse=farmland+crop=hop - but the farm land changes its crop quite often usually and this is not true for hop garden which is used for hops all the time. Also as hop fields are very good landmark, I believe they deserve their own tag and rendering. Last but not least the Czech cadastre differentiates between farm land and hop garden so why should not we?
  • landuse=orchard+crop=hop - as I understand it, the word orchard is used for trees producing fruit standing usually in the field of grass. This is very different from hop garden.
  • landuse=orchard, landuse=vineyard, landuse=plant_nursery - last but not least - if these deserve their own tags then hop garden should have it too. They are not that much different.


It is named "chmelnice"in Czech, "Hopfengarten" in German and in Egnlish several terms are used. But I believe, and hope that someone approves it, that "hop garden" is a proper UK English term for this feature.

I was able to find other tags similar to hop_garden in the past but they are gone now:



Create an area and tag it landuse=hop_garden.

If you are not sure of its border you can place a single node in the middle and tag it landuse=hop_garden but the area is preferable.

You can tag the area with crop=hop as well.


Green-brown area with something like this

Hop garden.svg


Use farmland (or orchard) and crop

by Martin Koppenhoefer
I won't tag this as a new main "landuse" class, rather use landuse=farmland (or maybe landuse=orchard) and add a subtag for hops, e.g. crop=hop.

Use farmland and crop

by johnw
A rice field is a specialized field hat doesn't change . It is landuse=farm+crop=rice.
An eggplant field has almost the exact same setup, though shorter, and it is landuse=farm+crop=vegetable.
The hop garden is visually distinctive, as is an landuse=orchard or a landuse=vineyard, and those do have their own landuse tags, so maybe it's because I've never seen (or up until now, never heard of) a hops garden.
But are there really so many hops gardens spread over the entire world to necessitate a separate landuse tag (and therefore a separate rendering)? The other landuses seem pretty universal and well known, while hops garden (or eggplant trellis) seems to me region specific AND easily represented by other tags.
If we had to do it all over again, I'd go landuse=farm

+ farm=orchard / farm=rice_patty / farm=field / farm=hop_garden
+ crop=fuji_apple / crop=japonica_rice / crop=wheat / crop=hop etc.

So we don't have to keep adding new base level landuse tags, just new "farm" types. - they all grow things, as opposed to industrial complexes or parks.

Use landuse=farm and farm=hop_garden

I think chrabros made a very good proposal, and I understand the argument that hop_garden is similar to vineyard or orchard. But I really think the landuse=farm combined with farm=* is the better approach. I suggest to be clean from now on, and hope that once in the future, we will move the other tags .... --Nounours77 (talk) 13:24, 8 March 2014 (UTC)