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Septic Tank
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: batje
Tagging: man_made=septic_tank
Applies to: node, area, relation
Definition: Add a feature for the visible part of a septic tank
Rendered as: picture
Drafted on: 2011-10-22
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Vote end: ""
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Septic tanks are still used in a very big part of the world that is not connected to any sewage system. Most of the time, to know where they are is not very relevant, but once they are full, it is. In combination with pitlatrine=yes amenity=septic_tank can be used to manage the emptying process of tanks, as well as mapping where different types of amenity=septic_tank are used. drainable=yes on a Septic Tank is to indicate if the Septic Tank is drainable or that a new hole needs to be dug once full.


Most septic tanks will be visible on the surface, especially the outlet. Septic tanks can be used in a Relation relation with a amenity=toilets with pitlatrine=yes.

Tags to use in combination

  • drainable=yes if the septic tank is drainable.
  • drainable=no if the septic tank a one-time use only septic tank and will be decommissioned once full.


Western plastic + concrete septic tank
Hole with concrete top septic tank

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