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Public-images-osm logo.svg power = antenna_line
Antenna wire(s) spun between at least two support structures (in most cases towers or masts) Edit or translate this description.
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The key power=* is for electrical power distribution, not mapping of large antennas. Use man_made=antenna. 

An antenna wire is a wire of an antenna spun between at least two support structures. Such wires can be found at some transmitters working on frequencies below 30 MHz.

How to Map

Draw a way way and add the power=antenna_line to it. The towers that support the power line can be mapped using nodeman_made=tower or man_made=mast. It is not necessary to tag antenna lines with a layer=* unless two antenna wires cross over each other.


It is also possible to give some additional and advanced information about antenna lines :

  • The number of wires=* per conductor.
  • You may look at cables=* for the number of wires the antenna line is composed of.
Key Value Comment Recommendation
power antenna_line It's an antenna line, normally mapped as a way. mandatory
voltage <operating voltage> The voltage on the antenna line recommended
operator <cable operator> The name of the company which operates the transmitter to which the antenna line belongs recommended
cables <number of cables> The number of cables for this section of antenna line recommended
type <type> Type of wire antenna. Typical are "Collinear antenna array" and "Curtain array" for shortwave antennas, while wire antennas for VLF/LF/MF are just wires recommended
wires <wire bundle per conductor> The bundle form factor for each conductor of the antenna line optional
frequency <operating frequency> The frequency given in Hertz at which the transmitter using the antenna line is operating optional
name <name> The name of the transmitter using this antenna line optional
ref <reference> The reference of this antenna line section optional

Since antenna lines aren't insulated, they can only be located overhead to protect them from grounding with external elements.



Overhead feeder lines of transmitters are mapped with power=minor_line and the corresponding attributes.

See also

  • power=grounding for grounding conductors
  • power=line For uninsulated high-voltage power lines, used for bulk transmission.
  • power=minor_line For small power lines used on distribution systems, usually supported on poles
  • power=cable For insulated power lines (indoor, underground, undersea...)