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The tags defined on this page will render in various nautical charts.

This page defines values for the "seamark:landmark:category" and "seamark:landmark:function" tags for objects tagged as "seamark:type=landmark".

Type S100 code seamark:type Definition
Landmark LNDMRK landmark A prominent object at a fixed location which can be used in determining a location or a direction.


Category (CATLMK) seamark:landmark:category Definition Tag Usage Rendering
Large rock or boulder on land boulder An isolated rocky formation or a single large stone.
Cairn cairn A mound of stones, usually conical or pyramidal, raised as a landmark or to designate a point of importance in surveying. Cairn.png
Cemetery cemetery An area of land for burying the dead.
Chimney chimney A vertical structure containing a passage or flue for discharging smoke and gases. ChimneySM.png
Column (pillar) column A cylindrical or slightly tapering body of considerably greater length than diameter erected vertically. MonumentSM.png
Cross cross A monument, or other structure in form of a cross. CrossSM.png
Dish aerial dish_aerial A parabolic aerial for the receipt and transmission of high frequency radio signals. DishAerial.png
Dome dome A landmark comprising a hemispherical or spheroidal shaped structure.
Flagstaff (flagpole) flagstaff A staff or pole on which flags are raised. Flagstaff.png
Flare stack flare_stack A tall structure used for burning-off waste oil or gas. FlareStack.png
Mast mast A straight vertical piece of timber or a hollow cylinder. Mast.png
Memorial plaque memorial A slab of metal, usually ornamented, erected as a memorial to a person or event.
Monument monument A structure erected or maintained as a memorial to a person or event. MonumentSM.png
Obelisk obelisk A tapering shaft usually of stone or concrete, square or rectangular in section, with a pyramidal apex. MonumentSM.png
Radar scanner radar_scanner A device used for directing a radar beam through a search pattern. TowerSM.png
Spire/minaret spire A tall conical or pyramid-shaped structure often built on the roof or tower of a building, especially a church or mosque. SpireSM.png
Statue statue A representation of a human, animal or fantasy figure in marble, bronze, etc. MonumentSM.png
Tower tower A relatively tall structure which may be used for observation, support, storage or communication etc. TowerSM.png
Windmill windmill A wind driven system of vanes attached to a tower like structure (excluding wind-generated power plants). WindmillSM.png
Windmotor windmotor A modern structure for the use of windpower. Windmotor.png
Wind sock windsock A tapered fabric sleeve mounted so as to catch and swing with the wind, thus indicating the wind direction. Windsock.png


The Function attribute is used for both landmarks and buildings. These tags may be used in place of or in combination with Category tags. The effect of particular combinations is shown in this table. Only those function values relevant to landmarks are listed here.

Function (FUNCTN) seamark:landmark:function Definition Tag Usage +seamark:landmark:category Rendering
Church church A building for public Christian worship. - ChurchSM.png
tower ChurchTowerSM.png
spire ChurchSpireSM.png
dome ChurchDomeSM.png
Chapel chapel A place for Christian worship other than a parish, cathedral or church, especially one attached to a private house or institution. - ChurchSM.png
Temple temple A building for public Jewish worship. - TempleSM.png
Pagoda pagoda A Hindu or Buddhist temple or sacred building. - TempleSM.png
Shinto shrine shinto_shrine A building for public Shinto worship. - TempleSM.png
Buddhist temple buddhist_temple A Buddhist temple or sacred building. - TempleSM.png
Mosque mosque A Muslim place of worship. - MinaretSM.png
Marabout marabout A shrine marking the burial place of a Muslim holy man. - SpireSM.png
Communication communication Transmitting and/or receiving electronic communication signals. mast RadioMast.png
Radio radio Broadcast of radio signals.
Radar radar A method, system or technique of using beamed, reflected, and timed radio waves for detecting, locating, or tracking objects, and for measuring altitudes.
Television television Broadcast of television signals.

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