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Natural stones that have been treated by humans Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Historic
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Status: deprecated

Natural stones that have been treated by humans so that they are archaeologically classified.

Undecorated stones, even when they have mystic backgrounds or meanings, are not archaeological objects, and are mapped as natural=stone.

How to Map

Set a node node and tag it with

Tags to use in combination

  • wikipedia=* - a link to Wikipedia's article about the feature
  • wikidata=* - an ID of the specific Wikidata item about the feature (if any)
  • historic:civilization=* (or more precise subtags) - the civilization (culture) that originally created the feature
  • moved=yes - if the stone is not on his original location.
  • tourism=attraction - if it is a tourist attraction.
  • heritage=* - if it is registered by an official heritage organisation.

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