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Mix of paving stones IMG 20200910 163455.jpg
A surface paved with artificial blocks (block pavers) or natural stones (flagstones), with a flat top. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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A relatively smooth surface paved with artificial blocks (block pavers, bricks) or natural stones (flagstones), with a flat top. The gaps between individual paving stones are very narrow, either because the stones have a perfectly regular shape (rectangular, or any surface-filling shape) or because they have been carefully selected, fitted and placed in order to form an even, closed surface.

There is a wide variety of blocks that qualify for this tag.


From Proposed_features/Paving_stone_details:


paving_stones:shape=* describes the shape of the individual paving stones. The following are some possible values:


paving_stones:pattern=* describes how the paving stones are arranged. Not all combinations of shape/pattern are physically possible.


paving_stones:direction=* describes the orientation of the paving stone pattern relative to north. It uses the syntax for direction=* angles. With an angle of 0, the patterns look as depicted in § Pattern on a north-oriented map.

Alternatively, paving_stones:orientation=* can be used to describe the orientation of the paving stone pattern relative to the way direction. In addition to angles, this key also accepts the values along and across.


Values for this tag can use those mentioned in Key:material, such as stone/concreate/brick

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