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Object of interest for a tourist. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Tourism
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Status: de facto

A general tourist attraction. This tag may be added to objects to indicate that the item is interesting for tourists. Note that tagging just tourism=attraction is not enough - this tag should be used only in addition to the main tag describing the feature.

For example tourism=attraction + name=Foobar Waterfall is not the correct way to tag a waterfall named Foobar, such object should be tagged rather with waterway=waterfall + tourism=attraction + name=Foobar.

Other (rarely used) possible way is to map the primary feature (eg waterfall) and add tourism=yes.

This tagging does not distinguish between major tourism attractions (for example a theme park) and minor tourism attractions (for example a statue inside the theme park).

Not a main tag

Its correct usage is often misunderstood. The tourism=attraction tag is not a main tag that needs to be detailed with a attraction=* subtag (such as is done with information=*, service=*, residential=*, and many others). Instead, the attraction=* tag is completely independend of this tag.

Several editors, such as Maps.me and JOSM, wrongly apply attraction=* as a subtag.

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