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<Iain says>

There is a need to update the new downtown Cycle Tracks. I am also having trouble removing the "calgary bike way" designations on streets where these designations have been removed.

Cycling Legal on Nose Hill

Re: the comments about Nose Hill and cycling being illegal on unpaved trails. I believe this is innaccurate. There is a "multi-use zone" on the "top" of Nose Hill that allows off-trail riding, and I also believe ANY "designated trail" (paved or not) allows cycling. The only source I can find is a map on and it's not explicit about this latter.

<Iain says>

You are correct. All pathways are multi-use, and cyclists have a right to all roadways except Deerfoot Trail, where it is explicitly prohibited and signed.


Guidelines for mapping in Calgary

Differentiating Expressways

Calgary has some higher capacity roads, and I’m wondering if they should be better shown as highway=primary? They do not have highway numbers, but these are major roads/expressways have 70-80 km/h speed limits that are higher priority than the average arterial street – which by definition could be Trunk roads. Presently they are shown as highway=secondary. Candidates for upgrading to Primary could be:

• Anderson Road (Deerfoot Trail SE to either 14 Street SW or 37 Street SW)
• 14 Street SW (Anderson Rd to Glenmore Tr)
• Glenmore Trail (non-Motorway section between Deerfoot Tr SE & Stoney Tr SE)
• Beddington Trail (Deerfoot Trail NE to Country Hills Boulevard NW)
• Country Hills Boulevard NW (Beddington Tr NW to Shaganappi Tr NW)
• Shaganappi Trail (Either 16 Avenue NW or Crowchild Trail NW to Stoney Trail NW)}}

Other possibilities, but less likely:

• Macleod Trail (Anderson Road 5 Avenue SE)
• 1 Street SE (4 Avenue SE to Macleod Trail)
• 5 Avenue SE (Macleod Trail to Memorial Drive)
• 4 Avenue SE (Memorial Drive to 1 Street SE)
• McKnight Boulevard / John Laurie Boulevard (Stoney Trail NE to Shaganappi Trail NW)
• Metis Trail (McKnight Blvd to Stoney Trail NE)

Thoughts? --MuzikMachine (talk) 05:56, 12 August 2017 (UTC)