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Multiple tagging schemes

It would seem that separate imports invented separate tagging schemes for this dataset. The table below presents the ID tag as a sample of the situation, with data according to Taginfo (note: "UFI" = "Unique Feature ID"):

GNS ID tag Uses Main Region(s) Notes
GNS:id about 55k Nigeria clearly and some other uses elsewhere in Africa UFI
gns_uni about 14k UK, Sweden, Philippines, Peru, Ecuador UNI ("Unique Name ID") used in this scheme instead of the UFI
gns:ufi almost 13k Somalia clearly, also near Estonia and in Canada
gns:UFI about 12k mostly in the vicinity of China, Ireland, and Oman
gns:uni about 7k Canada, part of S. America, India, Philippines, Papua New Guinea About 2k of these also have gns:ufi, which leaves about 5k that might be UNI-only
gns_ref about 2k Israel UFI

Other obvious variations such as gns_id and gns:id have a small number of uses. Mrwojo (talk) 05:19, 12 February 2013 (UTC)