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I'm mostly using the OpenStreetMap data and trying to help the documentation effort.



Common TIGER name issues

I found a few repeated suspicious values in TIGER 2010/2011 road names (this is just from looking at the data, no on-the-ground verification).

  • "1 St" or "1 St St" instead of what should presumably be "1st St".
  • "4 Ave" or "4Ave" instead of "4th Ave".
    • may reflect local abbreviations that drop the ordinal suffix ("100th Avenue" abbreviated as "100 Ave")
  • Roads with two types: "Foo Ln Rd", "Foo Trl Rd".
TIGER expansion not done on multiple names

Check for situations where the name=* contained multiple values separated by semicolons where the non-last road types weren't expanded by the bot.

  • name=Foo Rd; Bar Ave became name=Foo Rd; Bar Avenue
Common back-and-forth tag edits

The following tags were repeatedly added, deleted, or modified on individual elements. Found in revision history of Seattle.

  • Route ref=* on ways vs. ref=* on route relation
    • Similar issue: route name=* on ways vs. name=* on route relation
  • building=entrance vs. entrance=yes
  • bus=yes vs. psv=yes
  • highway=* classes: motorway vs. trunk, primary vs. secondary, tertiary vs. residential, secondary vs. tertiary, residential vs. service


How do you tag...