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Some promises we are making in this case or in the instructions:

  • never do quantity-based ranking of importers
  • monitor each mapper's first 32 exports, and do spot checks (steekproeven) on later ones
  • update buildings when the GRB is updated


You can see the issues many have with full auto approaches, hence our plan to do this in small pieces is pretty solid but needs explaining, we need to address:

  • [x] what the data is
  • [x] what the license is (is it OSM ready ?)
  • [x] procedures (Glenn will do this)
  • [x] detailed tag explanations
  • [ ] document use cases (Glenn)
  • [ ] how are we going to avoid mappers seeing the GRB as authoritative?

Import plan outline

  • [x] Analyse GRB data
  • [x] Determine subsets of data to be imported (GRB: entity) selected: Gbg,Knw,Gba
  • [x] Process data (code and procedure in GitHub)
  • [x] Build software (dev beta version ready, production version underway)
  • [x] Create import case
  • [ ] Write instructions for mappers (led by Midgard, feel free to chip in)
  • [x] Submit import proposal
  • [ ] Improve the software
  • [ ] Meet with interested volunteers

Other import cases

In order to get a good case together for this semi-auto import work, we can learn from previous requests:


Belgian open data sources

Reference sources