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Could we changed the scope of this tag, so that it can apply to other objects, and not only to clocks ?
For example, it could apply as well to 'advertising' objects, but it likely could apply to more cases
And in that case we could rather write something like :

visibility=* is used in connection with publicly visible devices or features to display their visibility/readability.

-visibility=house Entity (or device or feature) is readable from up to 5m (targeted mostly for pedestrians, or bikers)
-visibility=street Entity (or device or feature) is readable from up to 20m (targeted for passers-by in for vehicles going slowly)
-visibility=area Entity (or device or feature) is readable from more than 20m (targeted for passers-by in vehicles going fast)


Visibility for non-urban objects

The visibility should be extended to non-urban objects, e.g. the visibility of tracks or paths in the forest. This property is required for IOF orientation maps, see
In practice, in addition to the original values of house, street, area, there are already generally usable values, including:



--sperlingskauz 16:08, 23 July 2017 (UTC)