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Discuss London/Summer 2011 mapping parties here:

Ideas for mapping party locations

Here's an email I sent to User:Ciaran.mooney, but maybe we could have an open discussion about mapping party plans in general:

A hackspace affiliated mapping party sounds like a great idea.

Picking locations is becoming more challenging these days. I'm going to have to figure this out anyway for the sequence of mapping parties I'll be organising. There's no more massive pockets of missing streets or unnamed streets anywhere near London. Last summer I mostly organised central london mapping parties where we worked on coverage of buildings and POIs (mapping every shop!).

So one idea would be to just do a POI mapping party very close to the hackspace there's probably quite a bit of work to do on POI coverage in shoreditch actually. I don't think we've mapped every bar yet, and they probably change quite a bit round there too.

For more interesting exploration mapping it's tricky. We used to have the 'nonames' map. But now we need to create a tool analyse recent contributions and figure out which areas of London have been mapped using Ordnance Survey street-view data to take the road names. I suspect Hillingdon and large areas north of Heathrow have never actually been visited by mappers.

I was asked to organise a GPS demonstration mapping party which I did in Highgate Cemetery: Highgate cemetery mapping demo 2010 Because we clearly had missing footpaths, and these cannot be seen easily in aerial imagery. So this would work for other London parklands. Highgate woods for example, is missing many footpaths.

If you're thinking of a weekend expedition rather than after work one evening then obviously travelling out of london becomes more doable. Heading out to the countryside for footpath mapping somewhere would be pleasant, but there's still a challenge of knowing which kind of area has many missing footpaths.

I see you mentioned Basildon? Could be good. The roads seem to be all mapped. There has been mapping parties there in the past already. But again, there may be some areas only mapped using OS Streetview.

For normal London OSM meet-ups it'd be good to keep up the fortnightly momentum, but I'm struggling to think of interesting cake diagrams now. I was scraping the barrel towards the end of last summer. There is interesting mapping if we travel. Travelling is not actually popular. I'll refer to you to unlucky slide number 13. ...but perhaps basing it on Quality Assurance tools we can make central london mapping more interesting. There is work to do. It's not like the map of central London is perfect.

-- Harry Wood 12:48, 5 April 2011 (BST)

"But now we need to create a tool analyse..." What about a tool that displays last modified date of objects. Check all the shops and POIs are still correct? Though this is stretching it a bit looking for things to do, you might find somewhere was mapped intensively several years ago and it's changed while you focused on filling the gaps. -- LastGrape/Gregory 22:54, 11 April 2011 (BST)
As I'm not likely to be around, I suggest you map every single lamp post, man hole cover, and building entrance(with colour=*). That should keep you busy, enjoy. -- LastGrape/Gregory 22:54, 11 April 2011 (BST)