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Error in not-in-map_features.xml with surface ?

I looked in the documentatiopn abaout the test with tag "surface".

Why we dont add the complete tags for surface like in the description:

Error in not-in-map_features.xml with osmarender:nameDirection ?

On the Maplint layer, I saw some warnings on streets that I have done. It looks like Maplint does not like ways with the tag osmarender:nameDirection=-1 . I looked into the documentation here on the wiki which did lead me to the file:

Here is an extract of that file:

638 	<xsl:when test="@k='osmarender:nameDirection'">
639 	<xsl:choose>
640 	<xsl:when test="@v='1'" />
641 	<xsl:otherwise>
642 	<maplint:result><xsl:value-of select="concat('Value not in map features: ', @k, '=', @v)" /></maplint:result>
643 	</xsl:otherwise>
644 	</xsl:choose>
645 	</xsl:when>

I am no XML expert, but it looks like this test allows osmarender:nameDirection=1 but not osmarender:nameDirection=-1. According to the definition in

it should be the other way around, or not? The documentation in

says "This list is autogenerated from the wiki page.". Which wiki page is used for this auto-generation?

What do I have to change in order to fix this issue? Or am I misunderstanding the issue?

--RalfZ 10:48, 6th February 2008 (UTC)

Ed Loach pointed this out and included a fix in so that it now allows -1 as well, I committed this now.

not-in-map_features.xml is generated by, which downloads the Map Features wiki page. It needs somebody to manually run it and commit to svn though.

Bobkare 12:52, 27th September 2008 (UTC)

Better support for maxspeed tag

The maxspeed tag by default has implicit unit kph, except it is mentioned in the wiki that it is acceptable to add custom units for alternate scales such as mph, as used in the UK. However, the test for maxspeed in MapLint at the moment only checks for a parseable number. Perhaps it could do a string find/replace of 'kph' and 'mph' to empty string before the numeric test?

--Pinkduck 15:45, 19th February 2009 (UTC)