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Hi - I'm not in favour of this.

  • BOTH woodchip and woodchips are very rarely used at present - less than 300 each - therefore it's still early days and there are too few instances for it to be menaingful to say one is "more popular" than the other.
  • In English language, "woodchip" is a mass noun. We never say "woodchips" in this context. I don't know who decided to put "woodchips" on the wiki or if there was any official process, but I think the decision is foolish, because native English speakers will continue to use "woodchip" because to an English speaker it's clearly the correct term.

So I would argue that the wiki entry should be changed. That's not necessarily your responsibility Mateusz, but I would certainly say that your proposed mechanical edit would be unproductive. I promise that people will carry on using "woodchip" - because it's the correct english term - until the key gets popular enough to have presets, which is some way in the future.