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  • Hi - your .TYP file stuff looks great. I've split it off into a separate page to avoid confusion between the two approaches. --Richard 14:29, 19 September 2008 (UTC)

Thanks, could you try to help me out with the errors I'm still encountering? I'm not yet so firm with OSM (I know a lot about TYP files, but not so much about mkgmap). Also please "up" the files onto the server (it says it accepts only .doc .pdf .jpg but no .zip or .csv - however your files are uploaded there, or explain me howto do it. It's some unnecessary steps for the beginners to do if they have to paste around, neiter do I want to place them on rapidshare or similar. I would need some further explication on the following out of

  1. ----- Map OSM highway tags to ncn_/rcn_/lcn_ suffixes
  2. so a local route on a trunk road would become lcn_major

Does this somehow render my problem described under "* Severe Limitations:" obsolete or not? I would like to include also mtb=yes and all categories listed under the german mtb page into the map without having a complete unorder. --extremecarver

  • To upload files into the OSM file repository, you'll need a Subversion (svn) account - you can ask User:TomH for one.
For the 'severe limitations' problem: essentially what does is a 'search and replace' on tags; so when it encounters an ncn tag (or relation), it changes the highway tag to be ncn_major, or ncn_minor, or similar. This new tags is then picked up by cycling-map-features.csv as normal.
You could certainly add some lines to look for mtb=yes and, if that was encountered, change the highway tag to be (say) mtb_major - and then add a new line in cycling-map-features.csv to look for this. It's not very complex code - do you have any experience with Perl? --Richard 08:39, 20 September 2008 (UTC)
  • No I have no experience at all with programming as a whole, also not Perl. I tried quite a lot of things to get the rendering done but allways encountered mistakes. Could you include for this page a changed version of your which ADDITIONALY to the highlighting already done does this additionally:
1. If Highway=Footway/Path/Track and Bicycle=yes/designated tag as Bicycleway.
2. If Highway=Footway/Path/Track and Mtb=Yes/designated delete these tags and change tag to Highway=mtb. Unless tagged as mtb_track_type=Singletrail/Downhill/Freeride then change tag to Highway=Singletrail/Downhill/Freeride; Unless all conditions before prevailaing: route=mtb, then delete all tags and tag as highway=mtbroute. This is the only possibility I see to implemet a custom color with a .TYP file. The problem being that highway=mtbway/mtbroute doesn't exist. If a ref exists for the route, then of course put the ref as name for the route (maybe merged with the name).

If you could write this in Perl, that would be really great! Oh and maybe add, that if mtb=yes and bicycle=yes mtb is kicked out..... --Extremecarver 16:59, 20 September 2008 (UTC)