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Need for article?

Doing some translation work and stumbled upon this page. Almost deleted it. But then I saw that there is an ongoing (?) discussion on the Talk:Mapping milestones (formerly Talk:Places') page about this. So you want to build a kind of tutorial for the key:place key here. Ok. I've seen you mentioning that you are doing this to several key:xxx pages, but could you kindly repeat the reasoning behind that for me? Why not doing this on the key:place page itself? There is a nice, blank white spot there left of the KeyDescription template none of my browsers likes to fill 'cause all the tables below are to wide (or 1440px is too small for a screen size). Are you still working on this page? Is it worth linking to and adding it to the translation to-do list? --Chaos99 14:45, 11 February 2012 (UTC)

Thanks for the comment. I agree that there it is appropriate to provide a brief introduction to using the place key within the key:place article itself, however in general I think it is better to create a clear distinction between a reference page for a key (the key:xxx article) and a fuller introduction on how to use it. I say that because of the number of times that I have wanted to check a small detail about tag usage and have then had to wade though loads of introductory information to find it. The creation of this particular page was however confused by the existence of the article Mapping milestones (which was called 'Places' until recently) which was covering a different topic. Do you mind giving me a little time to get these articles into a more coherent shape as I envisaged? PeterIto 06:22, 22 February 2012 (UTC)

Table in "Human settlements"

The table is missing quite a lot of detail now documented in place like "borough" and "quarter". I suggest to remove it.