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Add yourself to the list of volunteers if you would like to maintain PotW.

  • Sam I (I can help, but am not experienced enough to run everything.)
  • Michael Stephenson I've generally been a lone mapper so far, but I'm positive I could have valuable contributions to PotW.
  • Chris B Ready to serve ! (but as Sam, i'm not experimented enough with OSM, i can help since i'm a professionnal mapper involved in open source projects.)
Hi Guys. Just to say... Thanks for volunteering (way back in 2011 now). Sorry this went without response.
There's another talk page Talk:Project of the week which is kind of the "main" discussion page for the 'Project Of The Week' concept. I suggest we have a discussion there about whether it could be re-launched, or re-designed
-- Harry Wood (talk) 21:42, 14 January 2015 (UTC)


Nominate an ideal candidate for the maintainer of PotW by adding their name to the list here.

Previous maintainers of PotW