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Todo on changes

If the taxonomy changes, the following projects using it need update:

current changes

  • each table will be proposed independently.
  • identity has to be split up into:
    • something like "network", if initiative is part of a larger, well-known network like "Global Ecovillage Network"
    • something for more loose definitions like Commons, Solidarity Economy, ... These tags may have no place in OSM, will end up in external databases
  • for Transformap-Taxonomy version 1.0, only the first three tables are considered
    • table 5 and 6 are primarily intended for companies, and will be added in a later version of Transfor-Tax. (but you are free to use them now!)

TODO/notes -> write here

  • the main key for the "needs" (fulfils_needs:) does not fit into osm scheme, some suggestions:
    • for direct: "provides:" | "offers:*" | "features:*"
    • for indirect: "deals:*" | "covers:*" | "handles:*" | "subject:*" | "concerns:*"
      • topic is used once for a museum and once for an information board
  • proposed change: political_identity → identity -OK
    • "affiliation" maybe a better tag?


  • the "futuremap" movement was partially based on this effort, should be superseded by this proposal here.


  • Added list of main tags, that are usually combined with the tags in this proposal. Please complete. (onYOURway, 30 May 2014) -> @Karsten, Michael: what exactly should we complete here? And for which purpose? (Silke; 14.08. 2014)
  • Maybe these should be mapped to main tags like and don't forget the main Tag eg.
  • Subpages for every single entry (red links are pointing to Key:tag_name)
    • long explanations
    • example photo
    • example objects for tagging
    • other tags useful for this type of object
    • on which objects this tag is implied: e.g. fullfills_needs:beverages on amenity=drinking_water
  • 'main tags' for objects like community gardens, food coops etc
    • invent additional values for amenity=?
    • invent a new key, e.g. future_economy=*?
  • Examples! - we need a “How to Tag a ” - guide for the future economy things

todo later

  • do “Mode of Organization” and “Knowledge and Resource Management” fit into OSM? OSM'lers, please add your opinion!
    • will be worked over on Taxonomy Phase 2 -Species


  • dit&diy is moved to "Mode of Interaction"
  • for the first table, an additional tag/value is needed to distinguish needs fulfilled directly (e.g. mobility by a cargo-bicycle sharing initiative) and places (often clubs), which discuss and promote a subject (e.g. "Friends of Tramway Graz) in the meta-level.
Some possibilities:
  • change the yes-value to yes/meta/yes_and_meta/yes;meta - or use 'direct' instead of 'yes'
  • add an additional tag: fulfills_needs:food:how = direct / indirect / direct_and_indirect
  • table 4 (Mode of Production) is merged with table 2 (Self-description), because when checking political_identity:commons this implies mode_of_production:commoning!
  • descriptions for tag groups in both English and German
    • label:de and label:en for each tag group No, will be english only, too much work for proposal
  • dit and diy soll nach mode of interaction verschoben werden
  • British English spelling of tags! mode_of_organization → mode_of_organisation
  • Weiss jemand, worin sich LEISURE und CULTURE unterschieden? Kann das bitte jemand beschreiben? -> da seit Monaten keine Rückmeldung kam, habe ich das jetzt entschieden -> leisure gestrichen
  • maybe one proposal for each new tag - this would be easier/less time consuming for others to understand or doing research on the topic --KartenKarsten (talk) 09:34, 30 April 2014 (UTC)
    • will be done this way - decided on Nov Telco -Species

open questions

For some of the keys having a namespace (: - separated) and only "yes" - values, would it make sense to have only one key and semicolon-separated values? e.g. fullfills_needs=food;beverages. Would be easier to query via overpass API, because regexes only allowed in values, not keys. Edit: Overpass now supports key-regexes!

  • mode_of_organization:purpose - the 3 values "non_profit/not_for_private_profit/for_members" do not match the count of "frei von Gewinninteressen ist, frei von privaten Gewinninteressen ist und Gewinn in soziale Zwecke steckt, ob nur Mitglieder davon profitieren oder die Allgemeinheit."
also please state the exact phrases of the values in each translation.
  • mode_of_interaction:donations - found out by testmapping that it doesn't fit really. It states a payment method, and not an interaction method. → "donations"-attribute is needed, but does not fit in category mode_of_interaction.
  • do the fullfills:needs:* keys also apply to usual commercial POIs like normal restaurants? If the keys are intendent only for 'new transformation economy' objects, they should reflect that in their spelling, e.g. new_eco:fullfills_needs:* - otherwise it is not clear to a newcomer approaching these tags without knowing of Project TransforMap.

questions emerged on testmapping

  • mode_of_organization:self_managed: Gilt das nur für Firmen, oder ist das bei jedem Verein/jeder Offenen Werkstätte etc zu setzen?

Some random comments

--BobThorp (talk) 21:05, 7 May 2015 (UTC)

Hi newbie here exploring taxonomy and wondering if anyone had reviewed existing taxonomies, such as, for "provides" before reinventing a whole new classification system? Same goes for "legal entity", although, different between jurisdictions most have existing taxonomies.

  • We have found existing taxonomies too complicated to use, and in every one we considered, there was some items missing we needed.
But in the next version, we are strongly considering(German only :-/) adding Q-Numbers from Wikidata to our entries.
But you are invited to join our discussion here on discourse! Species 10:45, 12 May 2015 (UTC)

I don't want to say anything about the proposal itself yet (or ever).

--Wuzzy (talk) 22:15, 19 April 2015 (UTC)

--Species Thanks,
    • I've incorporated the new tags in Proposed_features/TransforMap#Main_Tag
    • surely shop=greengrocer can be tagged organic=*, as any other shop type can!
    • A Food Coop is not a social facility! And even a Volkskuche is debateable, as it is often community-run with no legal organisation behind it.
      • A food coop may not be a social facility according to your definition, but it is an amenity=social_facility. According to the wiki definition, this tag is clerly NOT limited to formal organizations only. I quote: “There are no restrictions as to who provides the services.”. Note that OSM tag names rarerly reflect English usage perfectly 100%; and if it did, things may actually be far more complicated than that. For instance, we also have highway=footway and AFAIK everyone is fine with it. I think it is better to reuse existing and established tags should be used instead of inventing new ones, if this is possible. And in this case, it is possible. And in this case, I think the best way would be to simply propose new values for social_facility=*. --Wuzzy (talk) 13:33, 5 May 2015 (UTC)