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Tag Definition Update

I know that barrier=turnstile is a pretty basic term but now that term is a little ambiguous. (a little background) I map Disney Parks and at Disneyland Resort in CA we have the traditional turnstyles as shown in the example at the front gates and at the older attractions [1]. But at Disney's newer attraction we have no physical bar but a laser that counts people[2] At Walt Disney World Resort in FL they Have a completely new system with RFID chips. [3] At SeaWorld and other Theme parks they have a combination of Finger Reader and RFID/Ticket Reader with/without bar.[4] I think that there needs to be an update to the definition of turnstile because new technology has change the meaning and usage of the term. User: Brian@Brea

Added reference to ticket barriers

Also used for tagging some doors/gates/barriers where you validate your ticket, see Tag:railway=subway_entrance. Bjohas (talk) 22:04, 1 July 2016 (UTC)