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Looking for differences in religious administrative levels in different countries. Perhaps we can find a common used levelling. It looks like that for Phillipines and Germany there's no actual admin-level definition. In the catholic church the official defined basic structures are: diocese, deanery and parish - they should be the same in every country. Also the Ecclesiastic provinces should be known everywhere - and here's a potential misunderstanding in the naming: an Archdiocese is on the same level as a Diocese, but also nominates the Ecclesiastic province (primus inter pares)

Sorry, I've seen it too late: there's a discussion on Talk:Key:boundary#Religious authority boundaries. -- Joooo



admin_level 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
France[1] Conférence des évêques de France   Province ecclésiastique   Archidiocèse / Diocèse Doyenné / Zone pastorale Paroisse / Unité pastorale      
Germany[2] Deutsche Bischofskonferenz   Kirchenprovinz   Erzdiözese / Diözese / Apostolisches Vikariat / Territorialabtei / Territorialprälatur Verwaltungsregion Dekanat Seelsorgeeinheit / Pfarreiengemeinschaften Pfarrei Filialen
Hungary[3]       Érsekség (archdiocese) Püspökség (diocese) Espereskerület (deaconry = groups of parishes) Plébánia (parish)      
Philippines[4] Philippine Conference   Ecclesiastic province   Archdiocese / Diocese / Prelature / Apostolic vicariate Episcopal district Vicariate / Deanery   Parish  
Poland[5] Konferencja episkopatu   Metropolia   Diecezja   Dekanat Duszpasterskie jednostki (grupy parafii) Parafia  
Spain[6] Conferencia Episcopal Española   Provincia eclesiástica Archidiócesis metropolitanas / Diócesis ? Vicaría Archiprestazgo Parroquia      

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