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Cape, peninsula, or point(e)

natural=cape is too much of a catchall. A cape != peninsula != headland != point. We can do better. For example, here is a peninsula which is not a cape:

Suggest natural=peninsula for that instead.

A cape is generally taken to be the furthest-most point you have to sail around to get past some bit of convex coastline. Smaller headlands, points, and peninsulas within bays or lakes don't fit.

Here's an example of a point (Station Pt.) which is not a cape:

Suggest natural=headland for that instead.

-- Hamish 26 August 2012


Should capes be rendered in the map, if so how? Many maps that I've seen which have the coast have named capes next to the coastline, for example: In this one capes are named as "Punta de (Name)" since it's in spanish. Should the OSM map have capes and points rendered as names or as an icon similar to Peaks are? I think they should because they are used as placemarks in coastal areas, especially in less developed coasts where the only way of identifying a specific place is by the name of a beach, river mouth, or cape. They're also points of interest for some tourist. Thoughts?