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putting this forth for information and discussion - and to keep me consistent

There was some discussion during the proposal period of using admin_level=* in conjunction with a boundary way used to map a subdivision with defined borders. As pointed out on the main page, subdivisions have a variety of statuses depending upon place. In my particular case, I am mapping in Delaware, United States and subdivisions are included in the county government GIS data, under the administrative care of the Department of Land Use (see for search interface). In my case, I'm thinking that admin_level would not be apropos, but rather use of border_type=subdivision. I'm representing the subdivision itself as a relation:boundary:

For the relation:

border_type {subdivision}
name {Mayfield}
type {boundary}
wikipedia {en:Mayfield, Delaware}

For the boundary way itself:

boundary {administrative}
source {New Castle County eParcel Database}
source_ref {}
source:date _use the date on which the database was consulted_
(role = outer in relation)
(where a boundary is contiguous with a roadway, place either on road edge or shoulder; don't overlap with road way)

For the label node:

(various previously imported data)
name {Mayfield}
place {neighbourhood}
(role = label in relation)

--Ceyockey 15:47, 31 December 2012 (UTC)

Mapping as an Area or Relation vs Node

I've updated the page with further discussion about the cases when a node or area is appropriate and useful.

Also see Key:place#Areas and Talk:Key:place for further discussion of tagging places as nodes vs areas, in particular: Talk:Key:place#Nodes_and_areas_for_settlements and Talk:Key:place#Verifiability_of_mapping_populated_places_as_areas --Jeisenbe (talk) 02:44, 27 April 2019 (UTC)