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Mapper in eastern Indonesia and the western United States. I also contribute to I'm working on a version of the map style that is optimized for printing. See:


Proposed_features/Tag:waterway=tidal_channel - Approved! For salt water tidal channels and tidal creeks in mangroves, salt marshes and tidal flats

Proposed_features/Key:golf_cart - Approved! Seeking to approve the in-use access key "golf_cart=*". Also made a proposal page for golf=cartpath: Proposed_features/Tag:golf=cartpath.

Proposed_features/Tag:tourism=camp_pitch - Approved. The tag tourism=camp_pitch will replace camp_site=camp_pitch and camp_site=pitch for camp sites. I also opened a separate proposal Proposed_features/Key:camp_pitch for subtags to be used on tourism=camp_pitch features, later adapted to Proposed_features/Campsite_properties

Proposed_features/Tag:amenity=motorcycle_taxi - Proposal to tag "ojek" (motorcycle taxi) stands, common here in Indonesia

Proposed_features/Tag:natural=mesa - Proposal to tag mesas (flat-topped tablelands surrounded by cliffs) Proposed_features/Tag:natural=butte - Proposal for buttes (a hill surrounded by cliffs, smaller than a mesa)


Verifiability - updating page to be more compact and readable, while adding info about verifiable vs non-verifiable geometries

Waterways Widths - analysis of current tagging of waterways with width=*. Also considering if we need to approve subtags for waterway=canal or if we need a new tag for some types of artificial waterway.

Approval_status - I've updated the status of some tags to "de facto" from "in use" if they are in Map Features and have been used many times. I've also made a page to help clarify the difference between the different statuses, e.g.: approved, de facto, in use, proposed, etc. And I've removed a few features that snuck in to Map features without discussion in the past year.

Improve rendering of peaks, saddles and mountain passes - Mountain peaks need an importance classification, based on calculated isolation or prominence (from DEM data or preprocessing) - Saddles should be aligned to terrain - Mountain passes should render along the way of the highway

Trunk / expressway tags - Create page for Key:dual_carriageway (already in use), proposals for "Limited access" or "Controlled access" and "grade-separated" or similar, to define expressways more precisely.

Water and landcover rendering - I have a number of pending PRs to improve the rendering of some types of natural landcover and water areas in the Openstreetmap-Carto style.

Attribution guidelines - some suggestions at Talk:Draft_Attribution_Guideline