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Mapper in eastern Indonesia and the western United States. I also contribute to I'm working on a version of the map style that is optimized for printing. See:


Proposed_features/Key:golf_cart - Seeking to approve the in-use access key "golf_cart=*" and deprecate golf=cartpath

Proposed_features/camp_site_pitch - Seeping approval for the in-use tag camp_site=camp_pitch

Proposed_features/Key:camp_pitch - Reopened proposal for subtags to be used on camp_site=camp_pitch features

Proposed_features/Tag:natural=mesa - Proposal to tag mesas (flat-topped tablelands surrounded by cliffs)

Proposed_features/Tag:natural=butte - Proposal for buttes (a hill surrounded by cliffs, smaller than a mesa)


Verifiability - updating page to be more compact and readable, while adding info about verifiable vs non-verifiable geometries

Tidal channels - I'm considering a new tag for waterways that are saltwater tidal channels or tidal creeks, for example the winding seawater channels found between mangroves

Improve rendering of peaks, saddles and mountain passes - Mountain peaks need an importance classification, based on calculated isolation or prominence (from DEM data or preprocessing) - Saddles should be aligned to terrain - Mountain passes should render along the way of the highway

Aerodrome classification - I would like to revive the proposal to classify aerodromes by use; eg international commercial, commercial, general aviation, private, military, undeveloped airstrips.