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Mapper in eastern Indonesia and the western United States. I also contribute to I'm working on a version of the map style that is optimized for printing. See:


Coastline - River transit placement - Imagico's proposal, which offers a good solution. - I have been improving the coastline in Indonesia in areas where there are extensive mangroves. These mangrove wetlands are saltwater marine environments, and should be enclosed by coastline rather than riverbanks.


Tidal channels - I'm considering a new tag for waterways that are saltwater tidal channels or tidal creeks, for example the winding seawater channels found between mangroves

Tagging of Mountain ranges and other large natural features - Find a good tagging standard for large natural geographic features, so that names can be displayed properly. For example mountain ranges, valleys, straights etc.

Aerodrome classification - I would like to revive the proposal to classify aerodromes by use; eg international commercial, commercial, general aviation, private, military, undeveloped airstrips.