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Camp Pitch Subkeys
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: n76
Tagging: camp_pitch:*=yes, no
Applies to: subkey
Definition: Facilities at a camp pitch that are dedicated to the use of the pitch occupants

Rendered as: n/a
Draft started: 2015-05-01
RFC start: 2019-04-11


- Map amenities and facilities available at individual camp site pitches using a set of 9 subkeys for camp_site=camp_pitch


- The facilities at a camp pitch that are dedicated to the use of the pitch occupants.


- The facilities at a camp pitch that are dedicated to the use of the pitch occupants use a camp_pitch:*=<value> namespaced tagging system.

- The 9 subkeys in the table below are proposed and most of currently been in use.

- There may be items like tables, water supply, fire rings associated with the pitch. If the item is specifically for the use of the occupant of the pitch, then use pitch name space specific tags. If the item is shared by multiple pitches or by the campground as a whole then it should be tagged using a more general tag.

- Tags within the camp_pitch:* namespace follow, as closely as possible, the naming used for the equivalent amenity if it were not dedicated to the pitch occupants. For example, a publically available supply of drinking water is normally tagged amenity=drinking_water so camp_pitch:drinking_water=yes/no is used to indicate whether or not there is an exclusive drinking water supply for that pitch.

- In addition, the tag "camp_pitch:type=" is created to specify if an individual pitch is intended for use by tents, caravans (i.e. trailers) or motorhomes (caravans).

- At this time, these keys have been in use since 2015, and have about 6000 uses combined, with camp_pitch:type most common with 1409 uses. Also, camp_pitch:electric, camp_pitch:drain and camp_pitch:drinking_water have each been used more than 1000 times.

- While camp_pitch=* might be considered instead of camp_pitch:type=*, the later is already well established.

- The key camp_site:*= is also in use (taginfo). The key camp_site:* was proposed by the same user (n76), prior to the creation of this "camp_pitch:*=" proposal. It has been used about 4000 times. But it is ambiguous, because it was not clear if this tag was intended as a subtag for tourism=camp_site or for a single camp pitch. Since 2015 camp_pitch:* has been used more frequently.


1. A basic tent pitch:

+ camp_pitch:type=tent
+ camp_pitch:fire=ring
+ camp_pitch:surface=grass
+ camp_pitch:parking=no - optional
+ camp_pitch:drinking_water=no - optional

2. A caravan pitch, more developed:

+ camp_pitch:type=caravan
+ camp_pitch:fire=stove
+ camp_pitch:surface=gravel
+ camp_pitch:parking=yes
+ camp_pitch:drinking_water=yes
+ camp_pitch:drain=no
+ camp_pitch:electric=no

3. A fancy motorhome pitch with full hookups:

+ camp_pitch:type=motorhome
+ camp_pitch:surface=paved
+ camp_pitch:drinking_water=yes
+ camp_pitch:drain=yes
+ camp_pitch:electric=yes
+ camp_pitch:picnic_table=yes


Tag Description
camp_pitch:type=tent;caravan;motorhome The things we can put on this pitch. Some users have used semicolon-separated values for camp pitches that allow both tents and caravans.
camp_pitch:parking=yes/no You can park next to your tent. If parking is shared by more than one pitch, then tag the parking location with amenity=parking instead.
camp_pitch:picnic_table=yes/no There is a table for exclusive use of the pitch occupants. If the table is shared then tag the table location with leisure=picnic_table instead.
camp_pitch:fire=ring/stove There is a fireplace or fire ring for exclusive use of pitch occupants. If the fire ring or fire place is shared then tag the fire location with fireplace=* instead.
camp_pitch:surface=grass/gravel/concrete The surface the tent or caravan will be placed on. Consider using surface=* on a larger area instead if the surface does not change across pitches. The values of this tag should be the same as those used for Key:surface.
camp_pitch:electric=yes/no There is an electrical hookup for this pitch.
camp_pitch:drinking_water=yes/no There is a water tap for this pitch. If there is a water tap but it is shared, then tag the tap location with amenity=drinking_water instead.
camp_pitch:drain=yes/no There is a grey water drain for this pitch.

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