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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Cr7371
Tagging: golf=path
Applies to: way
Definition: Golf cart path in a golf course

Draft started: 2019-04-07
RFC start: 2019-05-26

A cartpath is a designated pathway for golf carts within a golf course.

As with the other golf=* tags, this tag was intended specifically for mapping golf gameplay features. This tag should not be used for paths outside of golf courses, even if they are designated for the use of similar low-speed electric vehicles.


Golf carts are not typically required to use these paths and they may not connect to other cartpaths or any other road network.

Features with this tag were imported several times in 2015, and more recently many have been added by mapppers in 2018 and 2019. The iD editor on the main page already supports this tag with a preset.

Suggested uses for this tag have been special renderings for golf course features, and helping validate features that are within golf courses but not connected to other paths.


Instead of this tag, some have suggested using the standard highway tags highway=path or highway=service could be used with golf_cart=designated instead. golf_cart=* was recently approved in May 2019, but has been in use since 2011.

The main disadvantage of this alternative would be that there would not be a unique tag for cart paths within golf courses, so renders or routers that want to treat these features differently would need to query what features were within a leisure=golf_course area.


Applies to


1) A narrow paved golf cart path in a golf course which is open to paying customers

2) A wide unpaved golf cart path in a private club course, which is also used by service vehicles

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