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The key golf_cart=* is used for access restrictions relating to  golf carts and similar small, low-speed electric vehicles.

Typically this tag is used on ways that are tagged with highway=service or highway=path near golf courses or in communities with specialized golf cart path networks. It is also be used on multi-use paths which allow golf carts along with bicycles or pedestrians. The restriction applies to all vehicles that are in the same legal category as golf carts. Usually these are relatively small and narrow electric vehicles with 4 wheels and a low maximum speed. However, some jurisdictions legally distinguish slightly higher-speed neighborhood electric vehicles (nev=*) from golf carts.

See access=* for a description of this tag's values. Typical values are golf_cart=designated (for paths or roads exclusively or primarily to be used by golf carts), golf_cart=yes (for paths and roads that allow golf carts) and golf_cart=no (for paths or roads that exclude golf carts, where this would not be the clear default).

It is unnecessary to explicitly tag golf_cart=no on highway=motorway. Other default values may vary by jurisdiction.

See leisure=golf_course for a description of golf tagging in general.

How To map

Add to a way that is also tagged highway=* Or an area tagged amenity=parking

Commonly used values:

  • Yes - golf_cart=yes - public golf cart users have official right of access
  • No - golf_cart=no - golf carts are not permitted
  • Designated - golf_cart=designated - Preferred or designated for golf carts
  • Permissive - golf_cart=permissive - Open to golf carts until the owner revokes the permission, which they may legally do at any time in the future.
  • Private - golf_cart=private - golf carts are only allowed with individual permission
  • Others options: see the access=* page for more.


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