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Electric Vehicles at Marlboro Airport (11353931246).jpg
access restrictions for neighborhood electric vehicles.
Group: restrictions
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This key indicates whether a roadway, path, or other facility may be used by a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV), a type of vehicle that is similar to a golf cart (golf_cart=*) but is designed as a street-legal vehicle. Although golf carts can also be made street-legal, this key is used in jurisdictions that make a legal distinction between places where NEVs can go and places where street-legal golf carts can go.[1] NEVs can travel at a slightly higher speed than golf carts.

The NEV classification is specific to the United States, where most states have adopted laws allowing individual towns to allow NEVs and/or golf carts on public streets. The equivalent European Union classification is the quadricycle.

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Notes and references

  1. For example, compare the NEV and golf cart maps for Lincoln, California.