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  • Shouldn't it be possible to tag a way as waterway=lock gate, in the same way that weir is? Often footpaths pass over lock gates, and it would be sensible to map them as the v-shaped way that you walk along, which also forms the lock gate.
Two things, I think it would make more sense to tag a lock like a bridge use two way points, because a lock has two gates. each one would be an angled area like the supplied picture. Defining which way they point (which is important - they towards higher pressure) can be done using the one-way tag. Locks are two way but that would allow aiming the feature, or possibly have "Lock_Left" or "Lock_Right" if the oneway tag would cause a problem with routing. Locks have a width and a length.
The other canal specific feature and could be rendered as a flat bar is a water gate which prevents water from flowing for the purposes of seasonal/draining of canal sections. Like a bridge they have clearance height, but generally don't allow traffic across them. The gate length is defined as the with of the water body with zero length.
A road over the lock would be a bridge since most lock gates are not that wide, and a footpath could be defined as a drawbridge in this case a horizontal draw, instead of vertical one. Rjhawkin 12:14, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

Is this tagged properly?

I want to ask if this lock is tagged properly, maybe you could add an example of proper tagged lock in the wiki instead of describing the lock tagging. --Sanderd17 10:00, 2 June 2010 (UTC)

According to Key:lock :

See écluse de Creil for another example. (waterway=river is used. I suggest waterway=canal ;-) )

Type of Lock Gate

How to tag the various types of lock gates? According to INT 1 specifications, there are at least two different symbols for different types of lock gates. --Skippern 22:02, 20 September 2010 (BST)