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Tehran, Iran

latitude: 35.7167, longitude: 51.4
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Tehran is a city in Iran at latitude 35°43′00.12″ North, longitude 51°24′00.00″ East.

Progress Summary

The project is still in its early days.

On 2007-03-04, Farzaneh got a GPS device, a Garmin eTrex Legend (b&w). Later, on 2007-04-01, Roozbeh got another of the same brand and model as a birthday present! We are now doing mapping the proper way. Before that, we had mostly used Landsat imagery and the personal knowledge of our own and of friends. We drew the topology of the area, wrote down the names of streets on paper, and later added it to OSM.

For the progress status, see the map.

See also: WikiProject Iran

First goals

In order to be able to divide the city into areas and handle each separately, we have a rough first goal of having all of the expressways in Tehran mapped first, so the city could be divided into areas between the expressways. Other interesting areas to prioritize is the area of Tarh-e Terafik and the area with restrictions for odd- and even-numbered vehicles.

Tehran Expressways and Freeways List

  • Abshenasan
  • Ale Ahmad
  • Ashrafi-e Esfehani
  • Azadegan
  • Baba'i
  • Basij
  • Be'sat
  • Chamran
  • Haghani
  • Hakim
  • Hemmat
  • Imam Ali
  • Jenah
  • Kashani
  • Kazemi
  • Kordestan
  • Modarres
  • Navvab
  • Niayesh
  • Persian Gulf
  • Resalat
  • Sa'idi
  • Sadr
  • Sattari
  • Shahide Gomnam
  • Sheykh Fazlollah
  • Tehran-Karaj Freeway
  • Tondguyan
  • Yadegar-e Emam
  • Zeynoddin

Tehran 22 District Project

In this project, active peoples on the "map of Tehran", will try to completing one or more of Tehran district.

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12

District 13

District 14

District 15

District 16

District 17

District 18

District 19

District 20

District 21

District 22

Use by Yahoo

After the post-election protests in June 2009 protests, Yahoo added OpenStreetMap as base map in the Tehran area for Flickr thus allowing users to geotag their photos.

Keep Right map checking tool

Keep Right is a tool to find problems in the map data. It checks map data about once a week and displays found problems on a map. You find in the link section of this page.