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My names is Farzaneh Sarafraz and I was living in Tehran, Iran when I bought my Garmin eTrex legend (2007-03-04) and started contributing to OSM by initiating (with Roozbeh) the OSM project Iran.

I lost my GPS and moved to the UK at about the same time, January 2008, and have been adding bits and pieces to Manchester (where I live) as well as hiking routes in the peak district, North Wales, and Scotland.

(IRC nick: fa)

Current Goals

  • Hulme, Manchester (a white area on OSM as in March 2008)
  • The Pennine Way, Peak District
  • The University of Manchester buildings and schools

Adding timestamps to big tracklogs

On Garmin GPS devices, each track log can hold up to 10,000 track points. If you are tracking on one second time intervals (and don't have a data card to save your tracks to), you will use up your track log space in less than three hours. You may want to be tracking for longer times (e. g. on the road/train) and do not necessarily want to stop regularly to empty the track log. There is an option to save the track log on your device, empty the log and start tracking again. By doing so, the saved trackpoints lose their timestamps.

All the trackpoints will be downloaded as one big file and you can see all of them in JOSM, but if you upload the file, only the trackpoints in your "current" log are accepted and actually added to the database. Here is why: when uploading trackpoints into the OSM database, the tag <time> must be present on every track point. Otherwise the tracklog won't be accepted.

Here is a python code (bugfix patch by Flitzpiepe) to add timestamps to the trackpoints without timestamps in a tracklog. It gets the time from the file itself and applies it to every trackpoint missing a timestamp.

   ./ <name of the gpx file>
Hi Farzaneh, I've the same problem with my Garmin eTrex Legend HCx and it's really cool that you've a solution for this problem but I don't know how to fix it with this python code! Can you help me? many greetings phima88

My T-shirt for OSM competition

This competition has something to do with Isle of Wight workshop. Anyway, I submitted my own entry.

Features to Propose

shop = charity amenity = youth_centre halal = yes OR cuisine=halal amenity = childrens_centre