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Indicates the license for the use of Bing images.


The template categorize in Category:Files composed of bing aerial imagery.

This is for images consisting entirely, or almost entirely of Bing aerial imagery.

This doesn't entirely clarify the license situation of the image, but probably means the image should not be labelled with a free (e.g. a CC) license (in other words: should not have such templates alongside this template) since this image is used on the wiki with a sort of "fair use" rationale.


{{Bing image}}


No parameters


  • {{Bing image}} rendered :

bing logo

a fair use logo

This image is composed entirely, or almost entirely, of Bing aerial imagery.
Bing imagery is not open licensed, but is generously made available to the OpenStreetMap project for deriving open licensed map data in editors such as JOSM, iD or Vespucci. This upload is not covered by permission described at Bing Maps, as OSM Wiki cannot be interpreted as "editor application" and "We require you use access credentials to use the service and require use of transaction tracking and/or session tracking methods for all uses of the service" is not fulfilled.
This image is a relatively minor extract of the (worldwide) Bing imagery, used for illustrative purposes on the OpenStreetMap wiki, to help document ways of using and interpreting the imagery in the OpenStreetMap mapping process.

This template should only be used on file pages.

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