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This template insert a user box in a user page showing their status as volunteer.


  • {{HOT UserBox}}
    Called from a user page without being nested in a YEAR_my_HOT_action userbox template and without action parameter, this registers the user in Category:Humanitarian OSM Team Volunteers.
  • {{HOT UserBox|YEAR_my_HOT_action}}
    Called from another YEAR_my_HOT_action userbox template, this registers the user into "Category:YEAR_my_HOT_action Volonteers".

All parameters are optional. Some are not yet implemented.

YEAR_my_HOT_action - year and name
not implemented - the zone where the user is active. Could be a bbox or the name of the zone if there are subpages in the project.
not implemented - the user is a dev guru and can develop plugins, maps...
not implemented - the user knows the MediaWiki syntax and can contribute to page organisation.

HOT action userboxes


To make a 'HOT action user box template, copy the code below and paste it in your "Template:HOT/YEAR_my_HOT_action userbox" and modify it replacing all the YEAR_my_HOT_action by the date and the name of the action. Add your box at the top of the list.

This code contains the explanations for the users that need be displayed on the template page. It also registers your new template into Category:Userbox.

{{HOT UserBox|YEAR_my_HOT_action|zone={{{zone|}}}}}<noinclude>{{Clear}}
This template includes a user box in your page and registers you into [[:Category:YEAR_my_HOT_Action Volunteers]].

Just paste the following code on your User page: {{Tl|HOT/YEAR_my_HOT_action Userbox}}

[[Category:Userbox|HOT/YEAR_my_HOT_action userbox]]


You may want to advertize on the HOT action page about this userbox. You can paste the following code near the top of the page and replace all the YEAR_my_HOT_action.

{|class="wikitable" style="margin:2px 0.5em;float:right;margin-right:0"
|{{HOT/YEAR_my_HOT_action}}{{Clear}}<small>Add this userbox to your user page<br /> with this code:<br /> {{Tl|HOT/YEAR_my_HOT_action}}.</small>

List of HOT action userboxes

Hot logo.svg HOT UserBox volunteers at 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami.
Hot logo.svg HOT UserBox volunteers at WikiProject Haiti.

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