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Churches and rites in union with the Catholic Church
denomination=catholic (カトリック教会には宗派がありませんが、わかる範囲で denomination=roman_catholic(ローマカトリック)、 denomination=greek_catholic(ギリシャカトリック)などを使用してください。カトリック教会(Roman Catholic Church)
denomination=armenian_catholic Armenian Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=chaldean_catholic Chaldean Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=coptic_catholic Coptic Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=eritrean_catholic Eritrean Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=ethiopian_catholic Ethiopian Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=greek_catholic Eastern Catholic Church — including many liturgical traditions, each one of having its own churches. They have the Byzantine Rite in common.}
denomination=hungarian_greek_catholic Hungarian Greek Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=maronite Maronite Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=polish_catholic Polish Catholic Church
denomination=polish_national_catholic Polish National Catholic Church
denomination=roman_catholic Roman Catholic Church (predominant together with denomination=protestant in German-speaking countries
denomination=romanian_catholic Romanian Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
denomination=ukrainian_greek_catholic Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (Church in union with the Catholic Church)
Orthodox denominations
denomination=armenian_apostolic Armenian Apostolic Church
denomination=eritrean_orthodox Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church
denomination=ethiopian_orthodox Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church
denomination=coptic_orthodox Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria
denomination=greek_orthodox Greek Orthodox Church
denomination=old_believers Russian Old Believers
denomination=romanian_orthodox Romanian Orthodox Church
denomination=russian_orthodox Russian Orthodox Church
denomination=serbian_orthodox Serbian Orthodox Church
Protestant and reformed denominations
denomination=adventist セブンスデー・アドベンチスト教会(すべてのアドベンチスト教会がセブンスデー・アドベンチストとは限りません)
denomination=alliance クリスチャン・アンド・ミッショナリー・アライアンス教会、C&MA教会(英語
denomination=anglican (Churches of the Anglican Communion in general should use this tag, including the Church of England, Church of Ireland, Episcopal Church in USA)
denomination=apostolic_faith Apostolic Faith Church (Note that there are other denominations with very similar names.)
denomination=baptist Baptists
denomination=catholic_apostolic Catholic Apostolic Church
denomination=christian_community The Christian Community originately from Switzerland
denomination=church_of_god_in_christ Church of God in Christ
denomination=church_of_scotland スコットランド国教会
denomination=church_of_sweden Church of Sweden
denomination=churches_of_christ チャーチ・オブ・クライスト
denomination=czechoslovak_hussite Czechoslovak Hussite Church
denomination=disciples_of_christ Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
denomination=dutch_reformed (including NGK and similar churches in South Africa)
denomination=episcopal (U.S. Episcopal church is basically the North American name of the Anglican church)
denomination=evangelical (note to German speakers: this is NOT the same as "evangelisch" in German, please use denomination=protestant for that one)
(evangelical to co innego niż polskie "ewangelicki". Do Kościoła ewangelicko-augsburskiego (Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland) w Polsce pasuje denomination=lutheran)
denomination=evangelical_covenant Evangelical Covenant Church
denomination=evangelical_free_church_of_america Evangelical Free Church of America
denomination=exclusive_brethren Exclusive Brethren
denomination=kimbanguist Kimbanguism
denomination=living_waters_church Living Waters Church
denomination=lutheran Lutheranism
denomination=mission_covenant_church_of_sweden Mission Covenant Church of Sweden
denomination=mennonite Mennonite
denomination=methodist Methodist (also see United Methodist below)
denomination=moravian Moravian Church(Wikipedia)
denomination=mormon (Note that full name is preferable to mormon, lds or latter_day_saint (Wikipedia(Wikipedia) and Style Guide), but tagging with the_church_of_jesus_christ_of_latter-day_saints is a lot of keystrokes. See the linked discussion.
denomination=nazarene Church of the Nazarene nazarene.org Church of the Nazarene
denomination=new_frontiers Newfrontiers
denomination=pentecostal Pentecostalism
denomination=pkn Protestant Church in the Netherlands, Dutch merger of reformed and lutheran churches
denomination=presbyterian Presbyterianism
denomination=protestant Predominant together with denomination=roman_catholic in German-speaking countries
denomination=quaker Quakers (important to show not a church but a "Friends Meeting House")
denomination=reformed Calvinism (Reformed)
denomination=salvation_army The Salvation Army
denomination=seventh_day_adventist Note that according to Wikipedia - Seventh-day Adventist Church, not all Adventist Churches are Seventh-Day Adventist. Use this tag only for Churches that are clearly Seventh-Day Adventist.
denomination=united United Church of Canada
denomination=united_free_church_of_scotland United Free Church of Scotland
denomination=uniting Uniting Church in Australia
denomination=united_methodist United Methodist Church
denomination=united_church_of_christ United Church of Christ
Unclassified christian denominations
denomination=assemblies_of_god Assemblies of God
denomination=assyrian Assyrian Church of the East
denomination=catholic_mariavite Catholic Mariavite Church (non-ecumenical)
denomination=charismatic カリスマ運動
denomination=christ_scientist Church of Christ, Scientist
denomination=foursquare The Foursquare Church
denomination=iglesia_ni_cristo Iglesia ni Cristo
denomination=jehovahs_witness Jehovah's Witnesses
denomination=liberal_catholic Liberal Catholic Church
denomination=mariavite Old Catholic Mariavite Church of Poland (ecumenical)
denomination=messianic_jewish Messianic Judaism
denomination=new_apostolic 新使徒教会 [1] New Apostolic Church
denomination=philippine_independent Philippine Independent Church, also known as Aglipayan Church
denomination=spiritist スピリティズムは Allan Kardec の活動に基づく心霊主義の教義です。19世紀にフランスで開設されましたが、現在ではブラジルにわずかな後継者を残すのみです。