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Kuchnia (rodzaj jedzenia)

Kuchnia, skategoryzowana według rodzaju żywności.

Klucz Wartość Element Opis Odwzorowanie Ilustracja
cuisine barbecue węzeł obszar There are several styles: chicken, beef, pork, etc. with or without skewer.
Bratwürste Steaks Bauch und mehr.JPG
cuisine beef_bowl węzeł obszar
cuisine burger węzeł obszar e.g. McDonald's (international), Wendy's (United States), Jollibee (Philippines).
Wall Food 10036 (15821854281).jpg
cuisine casserole węzeł obszar
cuisine chicken węzeł obszar e.g. KFC.
cuisine couscous węzeł obszar A north African savoury wheat dish (Couscous).
cuisine curry węzeł obszar There are several styles of curries, not only Indian style.
cuisine empanada węzeł obszar Baked or fried pastry, consisting of pastry and filling,.
Empanada tray.jpg
cuisine fish węzeł obszar See also cuisine=seafood for a more general category of seafood
Maquereaux etal.jpg
cuisine fish_and_chips węzeł obszar Fish and chips, common in UK & Ireland.
cuisine fried_food węzeł obszar Fried food, often takeaway. Please use more specific tags if possible.
cuisine friture węzeł obszar Dutch and Belgian chip shop (fish_and_chips but usually without fish); also called friterie, frietkot, (Friterie).
cuisine fufu węzeł obszar Pounded cassava, yams or plantains and cocoyams (Fufu).
Fufu (Lomé, Togo).jpg
cuisine gyros węzeł obszar dish made from meat cooked on a vertical turnspit (Gyro_(food))
Pita gyro.JPG
cuisine hot_dog węzeł obszar (Hot dog).
cuisine injera węzeł obszar Flatbread made of teff flour (Injera).
Alicha 1.jpg
cuisine kebab węzeł obszar Kebabs (Kebab).
Beef kebabs.jpg
cuisine noodle węzeł obszar Japanese, Chinese, Korean noodles such Japanese udon, soba, and ramen; Chinese dandan noodles and tan men; Korean renmyon and bibin myon; and Vietnamese phở and bún. Common throughout East Asia and increasingly worldwide.
Cup of cooked Roasted Beef Noodle.JPG
cuisine pasta węzeł obszar Italian pasta (spaghetti, etc.).
Bolognese 2630-1.jpg
cuisine pizza węzeł obszar Pizza, in conjunction use oven=wood_fired if it applies.
Fruktpizza Rebeca från Mariannes Pizzeria i Sala 0450.jpg
cuisine pork_knuckle węzeł obszar Braised foot of a pig (Schweinshaxe)
Schweinshaxe Chiang Mai.JPG
cuisine ramen węzeł obszar A Japanese noodle dish (Ramen).
Wongwt 六厘舍沾麵 (17283725001).jpg
cuisine sandwich węzeł obszar A place mainly selling sandwiches (e.g. Subway).
Salmon Cream Cheese Sandwiches.jpg
cuisine sausage węzeł obszar Grilled sausages, common in Sweden (Korv), could be used for hot dogs (US).
Sausages on a Barbecue.jpg
cuisine seafood węzeł obszar A place mainly selling fish, shrimps, lobster...
Cancer pagurus.jpg
cuisine soba węzeł obszar A Japanese noodle dish made out of buckwheat noodles.
cuisine soup węzeł obszar A place mainly selling soup, stews, etc.
Vegetable beef barley soup.jpg
cuisine steak_house węzeł obszar Restaurants specialized in beef steaks.
Grilling Steaks (with border).jpg
cuisine sub węzeł obszar Baguetterie, better use cuisine=sandwich
cuisine sushi węzeł obszar Japanese food consisting of cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients, usually raw fish or other seafood.
Salmon Sushi.jpg
cuisine tapas węzeł obszar spanish Tapas
cuisine vegan węzeł obszar Veganism - do not use this one, please use the key diet:vegan=*, see Key:diet for details.
cuisine vegetarian węzeł obszar Vegetarianism - do not use this one, please use the key diet:vegetarian=*, see Key:diet for details.
cuisine wings węzeł obszar A place mainly selling chicken wings
Buffalo - Wings at Airport Anchor Bar.jpg
cuisine wybrane przez użytkownika węzeł obszar Inne często używane wartości, więcej znajdziesz w Taginfo

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