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About this template

This template appears as a little status indicator on the Main Page and also the Platform Status and Servers pages.

Please update this template if you know what the status of the OSM platform is. If servers seem to be slow or down, you could verify this by asking others on IRC and checking downforeveryoneorjustme.com - but in general be bold! Update this! It won't reflect the current state of the platform unless people update it.

Please also supply more details on the Platform Status page when updating this.


The following are some example bits of wikitext (commented out). Copy and Paste over the one at the top (the currently active status message)

  • Up and running
  • Mostly running (XAPI down)
  • Name searches not working
  • API down
  • Large wiki-pages cause memory-problems
  • Running with problems
  • API up and running, GPX import backlogged
  • API will be sluggish while it checks tables following earlier outage
  • Database is in read-only mode
  • API down for planned maintenance
  • Web site down - Database problems
  • Web site unreachable - Network problems
  • Dev down
  • API extremely slow
  • API a little slow
  • Slow or no web/API response.
  • Slow due to heavy traffic
  • An occasional API map call may fail at certain locations due to bad data
  • One or more services down
  • UCL Network problems — Web, API, database and tile servers unreachable
  • OpenLayers.org downtime
  • Data import/new rendering lags ([1])