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{{State Bike |****}}

You can use some of the above status icons by defining the vars you want to


Symbol Meaning Usage for navigation What to do What to type
Biking  The biking route needs checking, because of the unknown status usability unknown Please check status {{State Bike|unknown}} or
{{State Bike|NA}}
Biking (0/4)  The biking route includes no or few data Don't use it Please complete {{State Bike|incomplete}} or
{{State Bike|0}}
Biking (1/4)  The biking route contains only partly data Not recommended for use Please complete {{State Bike|partial}} or
{{State Bike|1}}
Biking (2/4)  The biking route is mostly complete Usage only possible with constraints Please complete {{State Bike|mostly}} or
{{State Bike|2}}
Biking (3/4)  The biking route contains all the data (not approved) recommended for use Please pay attention and correct errors {{State Bike|complete}} or
{{State Bike|3}}
Biking (4/4)  The biking route contains all data and the data is inspected and confirmed by at least 2 mappers recommended for use Please check for changes and additions and update {{State Bike|approved}} or
{{State Bike|4}}
Biking (X/4)  The biking route is not available ./. ./. {{State Bike|absent}} or
{{State Bike|X}}
---- Includes the explanation contained in Template:State Bike {{State Bike}}

Example for the last:

Bedeutung der Farben - Die Erfassung ist ...

Biking  unbekannt Biking (0/4)  begonnen Biking (1/4)  teilweise fertig Biking (2/4)  fast fertig Biking (3/4)  fertig Biking (4/4)  doppelt geprüft Biking (X/4)  nicht vorhanden

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