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{{State Place CA| l=Labelled | c=Car | b=Bike | fo=Foot | d=Wheelchair | tr=Transport | p=Public | fu=Fuel | r=Restaurant | t=Tourist | n=Nature | h=Housenumbers | ma=Mapillary | tra=Train | nu=Tracknumbers | sw=Switches | si=Signals | re=Relation | ex=Exit | se=Services | ju=Junction | ln=Lanes | sp=Maxspeed | tm=TMC | rl=Route | he=MaxHeight | wi=Maxwidth | we=Maxweight | hz=Hazmat | ru=Routing}}

You can use some of the above status icons by defining the vars you want to use.
The order of the shown icons is fixed, everything else is possible.
Hotel and water Icons are proposed for deletion. See Talk:Landkreis München.

This is a "Catalan Community Version" of State Place but feel free of using it, partial o totally. It includes Mapillary status.

Aquesta és una versió pròpia de la comunitat catalana, però evidentment sou lliures de fer-la servir com volgueu parcial o totalment. Inclou l'estat de Mapillary

Esta es una versión propia de la comunidad catalana , pero sentiros libres de usarla parcial o totalmente. Incluye el estado de Mapillary

WikiProject Catalan


Per zona:
Principat de Catalunya
Catalunya Nord
Illes Balears
Principat d'Andorra
País Valencià
Franja de Ponent
What you want
What you type
Car Labelled Bike Foot Transport Mapillary (2/4)  {{State Place CA|l=|c=|b=|fo=|tr=|ma=2}}
Car Labelled Housenumbers Bike Foot Wheelchair Transport Public Fuel Restaurant Tourist Nature  {{State Place CA|l=|c=|b=|fo=|d=|tr=|p=|fu=|r=|t=|n=|h=}}
Housenumbers (2/4) Bike (3/4) Foot (2/4) Tourist (1/4) Nature  {{State Place CA|b=3|fo=2|t=1|n=|h=2}}
Car (3/4) Labelled (4/4) Bike (2/4) Foot (1/4) Transport (1/4) Public Fuel (X/4) Restaurant Tourist Nature  {{State Place CA|l=4|c=3|b=2|fo=1|tr=1|p=|fu=X|r=|t=|n=}}
Labelled (4/4) Housenumbers (3/4) Bike (2/4) Foot (3/4) Wheelchair Transport (2/4) Nature (1/4) Routing (0/4)  {{State Place CA|l=4|b=2|fo=3|tr=2|n=1|h=3|ru=0|d=NA}}
Labelled (4/4) Housenumbers (3/4) Bike (2/4) Foot (3/4) Wheelchair Transport (2/4) Hotel (3/4) Nature (1/4) Routing (0/4)  {{State Place CA|l=4|b=2|fo=3|tr=2|n=1|ho=3|h=3|ru=0|d=NA}}
Labelled Housenumbers Bike Foot Transport Nature Routing  {{State Place CA|l=NA|b=NA|fo=NA|tr=NA|n=NA|h=NA|ru=NA}}

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