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{{State Street Omit|l=Label|c=Car |ex=Exit |se=Service Area |Ju=Junction |ln=Lane |sp=Speed |d=Detours |tm=TMC |rl=Relation}}

You can use some of the above status icons by defining the vars you want to use.

The difference to {{State Street}} is that this template shows all the given, but empty, parameters in white.

So with |c=|rl=NA, this one shows Road Relation  (empty and NA having the same meaning)), while the other one shows Relation (empty one meaning "omit it altogether").

Choose the one you prefer.


What you want
What you type
Road Relation  {{State Street Omit|c=|rl=}}
Labelled Road Relation  {{State Street Omit|l=|c=|rl=NA}}
Road Exits Service areas Junctions Lanes Speed limits Detours Traffic Message Channel Relation  {{State Street Omit|c=|ex=|se=|ju=|ln=|sp=|d=|tm=|rl=}}
Road (2/4) Exits (1/4) Service areas (3/4) Junctions (1/4) Lanes (2/4) Speed limits (1/4) Detours (1/4) Traffic Message Channel (0/4) Relation (0/4)  {{State Street Omit|c=2|ex=1|se=3|ju=1|ln=2|sp=1|d=1|tm=0|rl=0}}
Road (2/4) Junctions (1/4) Lanes (2/4) Speed limits (1/4) Detours (2/4) Relation (0/4)  {{State Street Omit|c=2|ju=1|ln=2|sp=1|d=2|rl=0}}
Road (4/4) Speed limits (2/4) Detours (3/4) Relation  {{State Street Omit|c=4|sp=2|d=3|rl=}}
Road (X/4) Exits (X/4) Service areas (X/4) Junctions (X/4) Lanes (X/4) Speed limits (X/4) Detours (X/4) Traffic Message Channel (X/4) Relation (X/4)  {{State Street Omit|c=X|ex=X|se=X|ju=X|ln=X|sp=X|d=X|tm=X|rl=X}}
Road Exits (X/4) Service areas (X/4) Junctions (X/4) Lanes (X/4) Speed limits (X/4) Detours (X/4) Traffic Message Channel (X/4) Relation  {{State Street Omit|c=|ex=X|se=X|ju=X|ln=X|sp=X|d=X|tm=X|rl=}}

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